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  1. Starting a holiday club, help needed!!

    Thank you both for your replies. Very helpful. I will contact Ofsted.
  2. Can anyone offer advise? The pre-school which I work for are looking at the idea of setting up a holiday club in the holidays. We have the space and such a wonderful large outdoor area. Please can anyone suggest what we need to do to get started, do we need to do a new registration with Ofsted? ( I take it we would need to do that) We are thinking of providing this for the ages of 5yrs - 10yr ( what would the ratio's be?) Any other things to take into account? Many thanks
  3. Time off work

    Hi, Can anyone offer me some advice! At present we have a high number of staff absences. For example for Jan alone we have over 17 staff absences. We don't pay staff for their absence, unless its the statutory sick pay of course! I am finding that staff are taking time off for their child being unwell (which I understand we have to accommodate for, within reason) however it puts the setting under strain, as we are low on bank staff as it is and I have to ensure I have the ratio's covered each day. We are now going to introduce a return to work policy, and conduct these if staff are off more that three days in a month. What do other settings do? Any advice? Many thanks
  4. Tapestry

    Hi, Our setting has just started to use Tapestry to record observations of children. However we are struggling to work out how you can collect information on how all the children are developing in order to identify gaps which you can support in the setting. We can't seem to find any tutorials on this and would like to know how other setting use the information. Thank you
  5. I have come across some settings that have an 'Ofsted Box' with evidence to show Ofsted in an event of an inspection. Please can you share what you put in your box? Thank you items to name a few include: Development plans Copy of an up to date SEF Welcome booklet Development record template which the setting uses Central records hard copy document
  6. Updated qualifications guidance

    Quick question! If you are unqualified can you count in the ratio's.
  7. Hudle Holgers

    Hi Rebecca, Thank you, I don't know how to post the thread!!! Thanks for your advice on this matter, we don't have different rooms which is difficult to limit the hudles. You are so right!!!!! Staff making lots of observations tend to be statements which are meaningless, not actual observations.
  8. Hudle Holgers

    Hudle is a tablet, we use Tapestry to record observations of the children. Staff have 4 to share in the session to capture observations. Some staff make notes and during paperwork time transfer the notes onto the huddle. The only problem with that is that is takes time and eats up most of their paperwork time. The idea of the huddles is the capture the observation quickly and its complete. But some staff seem to walk around with the hudles and just seem to focus on observations and not engage with the children. When the observation is complete they should put it down and continue to engage with the children. I have a member of staff who seems to use the hudle to escape the engagement with the children.
  9. Hudle Holgers

    Hi, Yes to do observations on Tapestry.
  10. Hudle Holgers

    Hi, Can anyone help me with suggestions on how to 'rota' the hudles We are all grown ups however I feel that some staff are always on the huddle and are not spending time with the children and engaging with them in session. How do other setting manage this? Thank you
  11. Level 1 in food hygiene

    Hi, It is sufficient for staff to hold a level 1 in food hygiene ? As the most they will be doing is preparing snacks and do some cooking with the children from time to time (i.e. biscuit making) As someone informed me that staff need to do level 2 in Food Hygiene. Thanks
  12. Cleaner post contract

    Hi, Can anyone help, I need a cleaner post template contract, I have looked online but no luck Can anyone help ?
  13. Staff member of medication

    Can anyone offer some advice. A member of staff has informed me that a member of staff is taking the medicine 'tramadol' she then went on to say that she doesn't think she should be working if on this medication, as she knows of someone who had taken this and had bad side effects. Surely it is dependent as all medicine has side affects....... Anyone comments on this ? Thanks
  14. working as a team

    I am in a difficult position and I am to say the least unsure of how to deal with the situation. I have members of staff telling me that this staff member is not working as a team, takes her time to do things and wonders off. However when management is in the room she acts busy. However that member of staff stated that she feels mocked by other staff, not respected and bossed about. She feels that she hasn't got the confidence to lead a session as staff do not support her, or she is worried they will mock her. What can I do to address this, apart from reminding staff how to work as a team as a whole at a staff meeting.
  15. Up date service

    Hi, So its not mandatory to be on the update service. As some staff had a new DBS in 2016 and this would mean that they would need to do an new one in order to be on the update service. I think its a case of waiting for the three years and then get them on the update service, with costings etc....