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Hello everyone! This is my first time posting here, I have been childminding for few months and have recently bought Tapestry. I was hoping that someone could help me.


I love that Tapestry give you ideas of next steps based on your observations, is there a way of showing/selecting which next step you are working on at the moment? And then showing that it have been achieved?


I hope someone can help me, thank you :1b

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Hello, welcome to the forum and congratulations on making your first post. There is a dedicated part of the forum for a Tapestry-related questions. If you click on 'forum' above, and go to 'forum index' and scroll right down you should find it there.


However, I can answer this one. Not at the moment there isn't. As next steps can be attained fairly randomly, the might be quite difficult to do? You may be planning on looking at one thing, only to find that several others are being covered quite organically by the child.


In your observation you could add the words 'this was a next step for Emma' or whatever. You could print out the suggested next steps once a term and write on the page the date you noticed it being achieved. If it's noted as part of a tapestry observation, just put '#date' to show it has a 'proof'. Using the hashtag symbol saves you having to write the word 'tapestry'.


I hope that helps a bit

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