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Hi all

After a discussion I had at work which continued with my parents when I got home. My mum had seen on tv, David Cameron stating that they are wanting pre-schools to move into school premises in the near future. This meaning that our little 2year olds will be in school!


Now, I don't know about you but I feel that with all the recent changes (e.g. prevent duty and fundamental british values as well as changes to ofsted inspections etc.) and added workload for nursery and pre-school providers, the government and ofsted I believe are trying to get our little local pre-schools closed.


Myself and my staff feel that we should write to David Cameron stating our concerns and opinions in this and also to inform parents who may be none the wiser about the planned changes.


So, what are your opinions on this? Do you feel it would be beneficial to children to be put into school at 2yrs old?


Any advice/opinions welcome

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I'd like to know how on earth they would fit in to buildings that are already packed to the rafters???? no space at our setting we have already expanded from two form entry to 3 form and the impact of that on the rest of the school building not to mention the dinner hall, playgrounds etc has been a logistical nightmare. Where on earth we would house more children is anyones guess.

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I have for many years now thought the government is trying to get rid of small village hall type preschools.


Simple really we don't give value for money.

1). we don't pay enough in wages = not much ( if any) tax/ ni contributions from staff back to government.

2) we only offer limited hours = parents ltake the free 15 hous, but for many they can't find jobs that fit in with our hours, therefore they are not paying taxes either...Just taking the free childcare.


The trouble in the government didn't realise what feisty little bu******s we lot are :-) :-) ..... Therefore they have to keep throwing more and more obstacles at us ..... And still we keep coming back for more !!!!!!! :-) :-):-)

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My old local primary school has recently expanded with a large new build so they can take younger children. The problem is the children already had limited space to play out before they built this new modern building, and also converted one playarea into a carpark! I have no idea how the growing number of children manage to get any time outdoors now?!!


This once wonderful primary school went "downhill" so to speak in recent times and was taken over by one of these academies who seem to feel they need to cram children in and claim as much funding as possible! So this is how they are creating these "school" placements available and like mentioned trying to keep the funding within these corporations that are our local authorities or private equity firms ie "not for profit organisations" that make a lot of money for the selected few!

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Im sure that anyone who has read threads where Mr Camerons name crops up will know - I am not a fan...,

The trouble is Kic106 that I really don't think you'd get either an honest response or that he would care a jot about what preschools think. He's of the opinion that 'the liitle people' don't matter - we are apparently now entering The Strong Society period, being as the Big Society period died on its ar*e.

Am sorry to say too, that a lot of parents, I think, would jump at early school intake - despite the tragic loss of all that a preschool brings to his Strong Society......


Party Political Broadcast.....over!! : )

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