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Defibrillator for nursery


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I always seem to be the one who is question asking so sorry in advance!


Our parent group suggested that we look into getting a nursery defibrillator and I wondered whether anyone has of yet purchased one for their nursery?


It seems to come attached with a whole load of health and safety worries, but on the other hand the ability to save a life is important.


Anyone have any opinions or experience of defibs in nurseries?

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I dont know anyone who has one but I dont think the H&S worries are what you might think.


Pretty sure I saw something about them saying how safe they are to use, it guides you through the process.


I expect it merely adds another level to your First Aid. You know how to feel for a pulse, you know when to administer chest compressions so this would do it for you to regain a rhythm. It doesnt take over from needing to call 999.


I'd speak to St Johns or Red Cross :1b

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If I was offered one I would jump at the chance (we are all trained on them) we work from a location just off a high street....this is not so much about saving the lives of children in our care (unlikely but not unheard of at this age) however saving the life of a grandparent or passer by would be fantastic. There is virtually NO risk (unless you have a pacemaker) as the machine will not charge on a 'live' person. everything is visual and verbal so even if your user doesn't speak English there are few issues.

In seattle there are defibs on every high street children are taught first aid throughout their school career .....the survival rates from heart attacks are really significant.

So id say go for it....and if you don't want it i'll have it!!!!! ;)

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We have been asked whether we would be interested in sharing in the purchase of one for all hall users which includes us.

One of the concerns aired was where would it be stored, whom would be responsible for it and would one be more beneficial in a more central location. I'm not sure what the Parish Councils decision was on this, but if it saves just one life then wouldn't it be amazing.

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We have one - does exactly what it says on the tin ! It talks you through every step if it is ever needed and will not let you shock an 'unshockable' rhythm. Whilst training on them is recommended, it is not compulsory. Remember, these things are designed for 'Joe Bloggs' to use in the street - as are epipens.

The chances of having to use it on a paediatric case at work is (we hope) much lower than of having to use it on an adult. Others in the village have access to it too, so a great community asset.

Have a policy written for it and all employees hold a Paediatric First Aid cert.

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