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Hello again,


I feel as if I am always asking for advice and I am not completely sure that I should be asking it here but here goes.


A few of our children are toilet trained however some children have issues with the poo side of it and one parent is really pulling her hair out. The child refuses to have a poo unless they are in a nappy. We have helped by giving leaflets and other information from the internet about slowly changing things like flushing the poo from a nappy when child is with you and then encouraging child to have a poo on toilet with nappy on and so on, to show the child there is nothing to worry about.


We would like to start up a parent box with information on any concerns that they have and we are going to start with this. any ideas of how we can start.


We would also like to purchase one on two books that we could read at group stories or with a selected few children and this we could lend to parents if they wish, can anyone recommend any books that may be useful? I have found some but they are American so they use the words poop not poo


Can anyone help with this


Many thanks

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You need eric! they have just launched a new LETS TALK ABOUT POO campaign ...try eric,co,uk (having issues with my links) there is a great info sheet about what to do when children want to use a nappy for poos...we have 2 just started with the same issue...parents will be getting the info tomorrow (and a bottle of bubble mix...i'll let you see if you can find out why!!!!!!!)

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In the past we have had to have the "Continence Nurse" (a real job honest) in for some of our children who have had "internal plumbing issues" but the techniques have also had some positive outcomes for some of our "poo fearful" children.


Home and setting both put together a "loo bag" with items that encourage children to blow through the mouth - I'm no specialist but apparently it helps the child recognise and use the appropriate muscles in the tummy to move things along.


The children were encouraged to sit on the loo (not a potty as to encourage the bowels to open they need to sit properly) with their feet properly supported on either a step stool or something like that to encourage a sitting position that was more "on and in" so to speak and then they chose what they wanted to blow e.g., some bubbles, a whistle, a windmill etc.


This they were recommended to do for up to 15 minutes - makes for some interesting sound effects from the toilet area!


At all times an adult is with the child encouraging and "making it a fun experience" to help them relax and not become stressed. It does however mean that you have an adult working 1:1 for these 15 minute periods.


This technique had to be used in the setting and at home/granny's etc - not effective if only one place is using it.

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