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  1. iwatches and fitbits etc.

    Hi i think fit bits should be allowed, especially as it will motivate staff to move around, and i would say that the ones i have seen do not have any cameras. I also understand that phones eg anything with cameras should not be allowed in early years however i am a bit astonished to know that paediatric nurses can carry their phones around the ward with them. Why is it always us that need to be making policies/procedures and having them in place. I would like to make it clear that i agree with no mobiles/cameras but it also looks like double standards.
  2. Risk assessment for Grommets

    well i have done a quick one and just put two simple things: Infection in ear canal- staff to be aware when child is at the water play, reinforcing boundaries to a child using the water inappropriately. Distress/ irritable/ anxious - sensitive hearing - reassure child- talk to child about moving to a quiet area if apropriatte. I did think about writing about grommets coming out of the ear and i have spoken to a nurse on a childrens ward and she has told me that they are not harmful if swallowed and they are very minute (size of a grain of rice) so the likely hood of this happening is more or less zero. Well thats me done and i am not putting anymore time into this and yes you are probably right by saying i should refer it back. Many thanks for all your help
  3. Risk assessment for Grommets

    Lol. I will complete the RA with what info i have all ready and i will keep it for any other children we have that may go through this process. It will probably very short but to the point. Many thanks for your help Lynne
  4. Risk assessment for Grommets

    Hi, We have had a few with grommets and again never did a risk assessment but under a audit our EYAT recommended a risk assessment. We have never restricted water play due to grommets being fitted and at staff meetings we have discussed the child with grommets and decided what happens when they return to preschool. I must admit i was a bit shocked when we were asked to do a Risk assessment for this but as we have been asked i now need to complete one. I will have a discussion with parents when we return. The child had a second lot of grommets put in after we broke up so at present we are unable to speak to them. The child is also in on the first day we return so i will get a risk assessment in place but may need to add more after discussion with parents. Do you think i should add something about the grommets falling out as this happened to this child on their first set of grommets. Thankyou for the information on sounds, i had not thought of that one so that;s one i can add in Any more suggestions will be a great help Many Thanks Lynne
  5. Hello Everyone, I need to complete a risk assessment on a child coming into our setting after having Grommets. Has anyone done this before and if you have do you have any pointers on what needs to go into the risk assessment, e,g, child not getting their ears wet. I have completed several risk assessments before however this is usually on equipment or a child's height restricting their use of activities. not on medical issues. Any help would be gratefully received, need this done in a few days and i know you are all very helpful on this site Many Thanks Lynne
  6. Snack time

    Hi we also do this however we do have a staff member manning this. We also place numbers at the side of the snacks to help the children realise that they can only have a certain amount, This helps the children to incorporate maths in to the snack area and the staff member can support the children with this aswell as talking about healthy snacks, Our childrens ages are 2 - 5 year olds. The staff member will support the two year olds more than the 3 or 4 year olds and are at hand if there are any choking incidents. Every setting will be different but I truly believe that this is the best way for snack time to make the children independent, At this time of year with new starters and so many of ours are two year olds it is hard however we will definately be persisting with this, Hope this helps
  7. Increasing hours to 30 hours (Ofsted)

    Thankyou it is becoming much clearer. Well done on the last two inspections, it is such a great experience and you have also worked tremendously hard to continue to get "Outstanding" .
  8. Increasing hours to 30 hours (Ofsted)

    What I meant was "full day care" from "part time" if that makes sense Thankyou
  9. Increasing hours to 30 hours (Ofsted)

    Thankyou for you quick reply. About a year ago we changed from 20 hours to 24 hours a week and all we did was ring them but when we ring you are put on hold for a long time so decided to e-mail them instead. I was just wondering if you do more e hours is anoything different e.g ofsted costs etc. We are over the moon with the inspection especially as it was our first one and was told that we could only get "good" because we were newly registered but as the Ofsted lady was unable to. Pick us up on anything she said she would speak to her boss and come back to us. She phoned the next day and said that because we had taken over an existing setting we wasn't classed as a new setting and that we had received a higher result which we are extremely pleased with. After all our hard work over two the last 2 years and a great manager we Want to make sure that we keep our Ofsted result. Have you been through this ? Many thanks and if you have any more pointers they will be greatly received. Lynne
  10. Hi Everyone, At present we open 24 hours a week (term time only) and from January 2017 we are thinking about opening for 30 hours a week (term time only). We have just had an amazing first time Ofsted inspection and couldn't wish for a better outcome. Does any one know if we increase to 30 hours if we will be re inspected. I am unsure what the cut off hours are for us to turn into a nursery instead of a pre-school. We have e-mailed Ofsted to ask but as yet they have not yet responded with an answer on what we have to do to make this happen. At present we don't want to inform parents until the finer details have been secured but as January is not far away we need to do marketing because we will need new children for this to be financially viable. I know this is a great site with many professionals to answer this question. Has anyone already done this? and if you have what hurdles have you come across?. Many thanks for you support Lynne
  11. Ofsted number anyone?

    The Ofsted lady said that they would just turn up the next morning if there was no reply but my guess would be that they would eave you a message,
  12. Ofsted number anyone?

    We have just had our ofsted and there was no call from the office just a call from the inspector. They rang us at 12.10 and we were due to close at 1. The Ofsted lady introduced herself over the phone and gave us verbal guidelines on the phone. It all went amazingly well and she made us all feel at home and we were not nervous at all and this reflected in our Ofsted outcome.
  13. When do others take an extra unfunded week?

    Hi we are also a 14 week term this term. What about after Christmas because the Monday we should start back is a bank holiday, Do you add another day on otherwise the children are not getting their 38 weeks funding. We have added a day but onto the summer term so that we go with the local schools. What are your thoughts on this and does everyone add another day for all/any bank holidays. Thankyou

    Hi Thankyou for your replies, it looks like we have been paying staff to much holiday. we will look into this more however i'm sure staff won't be happy. Many thanks once again