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how do you develop teaching and learning in your setting?


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Hi I'm currently wanting to support all staff to develop their skills and have consistency across the nursery.

I wondered if anyone could share any training or ideas they have used to monitor and move practice forward.

I also wondered if you use any kind of standards you have devised for practitioners to work towards?


Thank you in advance

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I think the development plan has a part to play in all of this.

What are the things you have identified as weaknesses in practice? You need to move forward in bite sized chunks really - so have you got a specific focus? What is your focus for change and what will it all look like when you achieve it?

Then you can plan your CPD around this and any observations would be specifically focused on how this is being embedded and developed.


It's not too dissimilar to how we do planning for children's learning!!


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I do ours through obs, we are starting off peer to peer slowly but management to staff and communication lead to staff work well plus lots of praise. I deliver training to staff around things that need to be worked on but it's then ensuring its taken on and embedded that's the problem I have so observations help x

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I have example of sst on the ceilings so all staff can look to the sky and say "I wonder....'

Wish I could reach our ceiling! Rachael1820 can you post a few of your SST phrases please. I aim to stick them around the setting but not got an extensive list ( as you can probably tell from that last sentence -"not, got" ???? oh dear....

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I'm not that keen on peer-to-peer observation either but I do think that observation by managers/leaders is vital. I think it has to be a part of a wider approach though i.e. discussion in advance about what good practice is (usually with a focus on a specific area) and then observations followed by discussion between observer and observed member of staff which encourages them to self-reflect. When I am doing the observing, I find staff at first tend to harder on themselves than I am! - but they normally recognize how they could develop. I can they give them confirmation they have honesty assessed themselves. After several observations they begin to say they know they are putting the identified skills into practice.

When I do think peer-to-peer observations are useful is when staff don't understand what they could do to improve. They can be asked to observe an experienced member of staff and watch their practice and learn from it. I offended one member of staff a while ago though, as I had not recommended a junior staff member to observe her!

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