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notice period for term-time staff


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Hi, I really hope one of you can help me with this:I currently work in a term-time only preschool. I had an interview for a reception post at a lovely near-by school and got offered the post to start in September. My contract has quite a long notice period of 8 weeks, but I gave notice yesterday, so should b free to start on 3rd September. So far so good. However when I handed in my notice, my supervisor said we would need to investigate the notice period, as it should be 8 working weeks during term time. She said even if it doesn't say so in the contract this was implied. Now my husband thinks this is rubbish. What should I do? I look forward to your replies. Poppy

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Our contracts specifically say 4 working weeks with the supervisor having a longer notice period, so that we can advertise, short list and interview over a longer period of time to get a suitable qualified/experienced person.


Not sure how a notice period can be implied (i.e. assumed!) It's either 8 weeks or 8 working weeks and being a term time only setting, this should have been made sure of at the time contracts were written/issue. Check there isn't any other wording somewhere in the contract that states something about weeks referring to working weeks, just to make sure.


I'd speak to someone at PLA or ACAS.

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Thank you for all your replies. I do realize it puts my current employer in a tricky situation, but the new job is in a school, so I really need to start in September to help settle my new key children. It would not be in the children's best interest if I start forming relationships with the new children at my current setting only to leave a few weeks later. I think my manager has accepted that, but the atmosphere has been very tense : (



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