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Hi all


I know there is a bit about doing this in the EYFS, however my LEA doesn't really offer much after that in the way it could be done etc...


there are some proformas about with examples on how to observe staff etc... but wondered what other people had, do or if they have had training




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The person specification is to extend the job analysis. It is a profile of the candidate required for the work and is submitted with the job.

A person specification is written by the firm and outlines the type of person the firm wants. It might contain the educational qualifications, previous experience, general intelligence, specialised skills, interests, personality and physical requirements.

A person specification is used to match the right person to the job. It describes the desirable personal attributes of the job holder. The specification should specify the person's:

  1. skills on the job
  2. knowledge of and for the job
  3. length of experience for the job
  4. attitude for the job
  5. preferences
  6. presentability
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Hi Johanna1. We have just had a Supervision Toolkit produced by our LEA. Lots of info to support and downloads........on




Happy Reading!

thank Rafa we don't get anything like this either. Really useful when looking into the different roles of a supervisor, mentor and coach when the EYFS just says you have to do it.

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