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How do your staff do their planning?


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Am having lots of moans so want to check I am not asking too much! My girls have an area of learning they plan an adult activity on weekly, this is based around their key children.They also individually plan so see what their children have enjoyed one week and how to enhance it the following week,this is noted on a big board so they can go in daily and set up

With their planning all children can take part it is then evaluated.

Am I asking too much??

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I lead planning each week for our key children, based on interests, next steps etc. My problem comes with member of staff who writes...... Child A Interested in farm animals. Next week's planning zoo animals. ?????? I monitor the planning session, so I try and get them to think outside the box or suggest they look on pintrest for ideas., but that seems to be a big ask. Always one that does and one that doesn't.


We then look at what has been planned for the week and see which are adult led. Each day we make sure we have an adult led activity (as this is what Mrs O wanted at last inspection!) and highlight areas of learning. I also add enhancements and try to get ideas but it generally seems to be me coming up with them. Often when typing it up if nothing is planned say for example, the water, I'll add something such as whisks and soapflakes. I try to motivate staff to come up with new ideas but at times it can be so tiring!

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Think I'm getting there! Been a long process but I now hand back planning sheets to staff if they are not specific enough or thoughtful of the process, I support them in thinking out of the box and it's working yipeeeeee

Staff plan two next steps per child with activities to support the learning (rolling basis as NS are achieved) I use these to put in weekly planning over the forth coming weeks/month also staff pop on interests written note on planning or on observation. Each half term/term todapending how many weeks are in term, staff work in twos to plan identified things that cover a week to two weeks such as Chinese New Year, all about me etc which are designated at half termly staff meetings these also go through into planning, so in essence I have everything I need to plan weekly in advance except interests obviously. Plus it gives me time to hand it back if it needs adding to or more indepth thought putting into it.


I think yours sounds ok work load wise x

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lol i only said today that i feel like I'm having to 'moan' about something or the other all the time lately, only little annoying things, and mostly about plain old laziness, the 'someone else will do it' attitude, or the staff that will offer to go outside when only a few children want to be out and its almost home time and they think you don't pick up on that :(

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