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Ratios and qualifications.......again! Help needed.


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Hi all,

Sorry to ask the ratio question again, but I am in need of a bit of help and support.

I am in the process of buying a preschool and I need to get my head around the ratios but with particular reference to the qualifications of the staff.

So on one day I have:

4 x 2-3 year olds and

22 x 3-4 year olds

I would need 1 member of staff to be with the 2-3's and 3 members of staff to be with the 3-4 year olds, I get that bit!

I have 4 members of staff, one QTS, 2 x L3 and 1 unqualified (UQ). My question is, can I count the UQ member of staff in the ratios?

On one day, I have 8 x 2-3's and 15 x 3-4's but with still only 4 members of staff.

Is this right? My concern is the UQ member of staff, I am not sure if she can be counted? Please help as I am really stuck and concerned that I am not covering the ratios properly.

Thank you so much,


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Guest degplay

another scenario, how many staff?


12 children 3yr/4yr

7 children 2yr



or 10 children 3yr/4yr

6 children 2 yrs

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dug out this chart to help with ratios - it does have a 1 staff option but we all know there is never 1 staff so read it as 2.. and does not use EYT/ETP 1:13 ratio which would be different..

for qualifications leader is qualified, plus half of all the other staff... should be easy to work out..

3 staff needed = 2 qualified

4 staff = 3 qualified

5 staff = 3 qualified

6 staff = 4 qualified

7 staff = 4 qualified

remembering of course all this is a minimum need..

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