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Hi Everyone,


Wondering if anyone has any words of advice, as I am struggling on how to deal with one member of staff in particular.

I have a room leader in the room, however I feel that she does address matters with this difficult member of staff (staff a) however she will turn a blind eye to some matters. I feel if she was on her case more staff a would be easier to manage and how what the exceptions are.

For instance the room leader has told me the following :

Staff A will talk to the child however limited and do it only for the sake of doing it.

Staff A will sit and write for long periods without spending quality time with the children. (Taking over 5 mins to write the numbers for lunch)


Staff A will prepare activities knowing that as she finishes at 1pm for her shift everyday she does not have to clean up paints, or loads of marbles which she has placed in the sand tray.

Staff A has an answer for everything, even myself at times. Part of me wants to say to her look listen to what I have told you and don't answer back" without coming across rude. Staff A is a person who will come out with an answer to everything and can be very tiring to deal with.

I have carried out room observations this week, and of course she can see I am in the room and changes completely. However I know when I am not present she goes back into her lazy working practice.

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Think both need supervision meetings, room leader needs to address the issues also so to bring up how she needs to deal with things too as if not then if reprimanded for not doing job staff A can say she wasn't/didn't feel led by her supervisor. This can only be tackled through both of them working together perhaps meet both separately then one together, there is nothing wrong with telling someone they have an answer for everything obviously put in the right way. I have had to do this before and it does make people think about their response well you hope lol, how about passing some senior roles to next in charge so room leaders peer observe staff in their rooms and feed back to you this could generate a room having a teaching target such as together they decide 'increase Makaton' is their month focus? therefore she would have to be more on the ball as peer obs can be whenever then x

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Thank you for your feedback, we have moved her into another room already due to her lazy attitude.

I have carried out room observations and have feed back to the room leader. She has spoken to her so hopefully I start to see an improvement. You know when you can sense that someone doesn't have their heart in the actually job! She will always try and do the easy job, so we put a rota in place. She will put on effort into reading stories with the children, its like she is at work for the sake of it! I plan to do her appraisal next week and will ask her to ensure that the points raised as improved on and review this in two months with her.

She is not coming across well....called in sick yesterday as had a sore throat!!!

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