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Party Food and New EU laws

louby loo

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What are people (us lot) doing about Christmas party foods?

We are a preschool, and all children donate one item of party food, this includes sandwiches Always worked well for us.


Now - do we just continue as normal as it is a 'one off' event.


Ask only for pre-packed foods and not allow any home-made products (not that many of them usually are)

Ask for the 'items' for sandwiches - then make them up ourselves?

I'm more than happy to check the labels and tick off all allergens on the poster thing that I downloaded from a forum buddie :1b

I'm just wondering if I'm over thinking it? We currently have no known allergies, with just one very mild intolerance.

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Hmm... but we're privately owned so would that make a difference? (not being a charity in the first place?)

I think I might just stick a poster up saying any food served that day could possibly contain any of the 14 main allergens and done with!!

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Jacket potatoes, cheese, coleslaw and beans..................we've done it for a couple of years now and it goes down a treat. We do have a few crisps and fancy biscuits etc as a treat afterwards, but no waste, no gorging on stuff that is unsuitable. Win/win. Yes we are aware of allergies too

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We do the food at preschool party , usually the children request what they would like and write a list and then we purchase, as we are aware of children allergies already , why do we need to do any more , yes there will always be the child that may suddenly develop that allergy without knowing but to me it's a managed risk .


I've had enough of food allergies that don't exist with particular parent who says one thing to us and yet gives her child other stuff in lunch box and outside of setting , attention seeking ! And is helping her child to develop anxieties about food ! A aargh !

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