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Hi to anyone who leases premises but particularly if you lease from Arundel & Brighton.

We have happily been trading for some years now, but our landlord has now created some new terms to our lease.

On such term is do with our insurance. We have fabulous insurers who have been incredibly helpful, but they are just not able to comply with our Landlords conditions.

Could I canvass which insurance company you all use please? I do not need contact details I can google for that.

And/or if you have the same landlord as us would you mind PMing me, maybe I can work out why they have inserted this clause:

"The Tenant shall maintain insurance for not less than £10,000,000 (ten million pounds) or such sum as the Landlord and Trustees shall reasonably require against all liability in respect of any damage or loss which may be suffered by any person other than the Landlord or Trustees or Tenant by reason of or arising directly out of the use of the Property under this Lease and shall produce the same and evidence the payment of all premiums to the Landlord and Trustees, provided that the interest of the Landlord and Trustees shall be noted on such insurance policy."


Help anyone!!!

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Aha no it's not the 10 mil that's the problem. That bit is easy. It is the fact that the landlord wants to be insured against any negligence caused by themselves whilst they are carrying out their business. Not that they are supposed to be using my building at all!



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That's interesting - might have to investigate at renewal time! :1b

Yes do! They rang me and I nearly told them I wasn't interested but in the end I agreed to them calling me to put a quote together. It was quite significantly cheaper and with more cover so it was a 'no brainer' really. Felt a bit guilty as I had been a loyal MM customer for years, but hey ho, that's business! :1b

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