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Can anyone offer some guidance on the following please.


We have two staff members qualified at a level six so the ratio is 1:13. However is this just for the 3 - 4 year olds can you count children who are 2 and a half in this. ???


So far we follow the ratio 1:4 for the under 3's, and 1: 8 for 3 plus. At times we do go over for the 3plus however we do not go up to 13 for one member.




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2 year olds are two year olds and have to be counted in 1:4 to my knowledge

This is my understanding too - I have to say in addition to this that whatever level of qualification one holds I don't believe it would ever be in the children's best interests to be cared for in a 1:13 ratio but particularly not two year olds........

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This is from the 2014 Statutory Framework

3.32. For children aged two:

 there must be at least one member of staff for every four children;

 at least one member of staff must hold a full and relevant level 3 qualification; and

 at least half of all other staff must hold a full and relevant level 2 qualification.

The level 6 qualification applies to children aged 3 and over (there is no such thing as a "rising 3" - children are either 2 years old or 3 years old as far as ratios are concerned).

I can't say as I would fancy having 13 two year olds in my sole care :blink:

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and if you mix children you have to work to the smallest ratio...

2 year olds must be in a 1:4.. you can have 2 @2yrs and 2@3yrs for one person,

we used to think of each person having a box of children if there was one 2yr old in that persons box they could only have another 3 added,, be it 2 or 3 yrs..

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Not sure if that really works as a child of 2 yrs could end up in a 1:6 ratio..

had a friend who used to do it that way and Ofsted were far from happy when they visited.. and were told they were out of ratio . cannot remember the full outcome but know she was paranoid about ratios after that. She was told a person cannot be split and if there is one @2 yrs they could then only have 3@4yrs allocated to them to keep n the correct ratio. No ifs or buts a 2 yr old must be in a 1:4 ratio.. If they have been and said it was ok you have been very lucky.

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