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DBS checks - which company is everyone using?


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Glad someone is confident. I have registered with TMG and failed and now trying to register with Capita whose contract needs a solicitor to read over it. lol

haha I thought that with the TMG stuff - they give you master policy documents for you to insert your setting name in to - nice time saving and easy on the brain!


customer services via the telephone can't be faulted - and I've asked some really stupid (tech) questions that were really obvious once I'd logged back in! and they ever so patiently explained it to me over and over again

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Hi Everyone,

I have just had my enhanced DBS completed by Capita because this is what Ofsted need for a suitability check. I have now had all checks done by Ofsted and now need to Obtain DBS checks on staff, do you know if there are cheaper alternatives then £52.10 by Capita.

I will say Capita was very quick and very painless so I will probably still go with them unless DBS checks are a lot cheaper elsewhere.



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We used capita for years happily plodding along, then we had a very bad experience with them last summer/Autumn, where they ended up making a staff members check go on forever as their system is not great. If a capita employee is off sick/holiday etc that has been assigned to check that particular application then no one else can pick up any correspondence e-mails from that capita employee that you send in therefore no one else can move the check along! it just remains at that stage, so when I asked basically if you end up with someone who is off on the sick (in our case long term sick) your application will stop and no one can move it along to the next stage - yes thats correct was our answer. Needless to say a full complaint went in, but the time delay had a significant impact on our setting basically cos if someones off the wheel stops turning. We had other issues with them as well, we then researched and found another company that don't behave in this way when applications are made, but not had to submit many applications with them to be able to say if they are what they say they are in their company spiel.

The price I believe you wont get cheaper as its a fixed flat rate, some companies will try to squeeze a slight excess out but you can't get below the standard price as there is no more government funding towards this area of applications.

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