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In a recent budget (I can't remember which one) the Chancellor mentioned the introduction of an Employment Allowance for employer NICS. This will hopefully benefit small business and charity employers and help reduce their overall wages bill - for more info check out this web page and follow the link to calculate whether it will be of any benefit to your business


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I have clocked this "give with one hand and take with the other" ruse too.

Unfortunately most of the children attending my setting have the 15 hour "free" entitlement and nothing else and given the current rates paid by the government there is no wriggle room in terms of sourcing additional income. However I really felt that my staff deserved a rise so have "spent" some of it and will have to cross the ssp bridge when we come to it.

Hoping that my staff team keep hale, hearty and healthy until the funding rates increase either that or they reach retirement age - whichever comes soonest! xDxDxDxD

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And make sure we only give employees enough hours to not qualify for ssp :( ...talk about making it harder to get full time employment.....and funny that I don't recall seeing adverts about ssp reclaim abolishment like the employers NI savings we are being bombarded with :-z

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