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What a week!


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Hi All

I hope you have had a better week than we have!

On Monday one of our little ones went around totally trashing the room and breaking toys.

On Tuesday we had a visit from our area senco and our concerns regarding one of our little girls were confirmed so have got a meeting with her mum on Monday.

On Wednesday one of our little ones fell over whilst running and cut his forehead open and gave himself a nose bleed. Thankfully he is fine and didn't hardly cry. Mum was fine too.

He returned the next day and climbed on a chair and fell off and banged the back of his head (he was fine) and then his big sister fell and grazed her nose on a table!

To top it off I received a message today from the mother of the little boy who hurt his head saying he has gone home saying "my dick" especially when changing his nappy!

I assured her we hadn't heard language like this at the setting but mum is sure he hasn't learnt it from home and that she and dad are both quite upset that their child is using this language. I apologised and assured her I would keep an ear out for children using this language.

Sorry for rambling but I am so glad its the weekend!

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Oh dear, I always dread the swearing more than anything! I always feel guilty :-/

I think the wine sounds like a good remedy to your week :)

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