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So in about half an hour at 8 o'clock I will be opening the chatroom for our annual 'see how many people we can fit in the chatroom?' Children in Need extravaganza.

I will be awarding spot prizes but you won't know what for until I announce them!

I'm very much hoping there will be standing room only, so get in and get in early to make sure you get a comfy seat. The twiglets are ready and the Dandelion and Burdock is chilling nicely.

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Hi all

Just heard from Maz and she was awarding spot prizes.....did you spot that :P:P:P

And the winners were;

samfrostie for being first in chat

hali for being fifth in chat

Helen D26 for mentioning Tess Daly's dress

So HelenD26 I have your details and will add goodies to send accordingly :D

samfrostie and hali could you pm me with your address and I will send off a FSF pad & pen combo :D

Thanks for taking part chaps


On behalf of the moderating team

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