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In anticipation of Graham Stuarts visit


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I've been looking at some of the proposals put forward by Ms. Truss which I think need clarifying.


Childminder Agencies: Have all childminders been asked if they want agencies or as happened with the Northamptonshire Childminding Association have the ones who agree with the idea been asked to contribute 'NCA was asked by the DfE if any Northamptonshire childminders who are supportive or open-minded about agencies would be interested/available to meet with Elizabeth Truss for a roundtable discussion.


What evidence is there that agencies will be an improvement? What research was carried out that looked at the model we currently have?


Out of school clubs; Ms Truss said: “This doesn’t mean teachers working longer hours. It can mean private sector nursery providers, voluntary sector providers, parents running an after school club.”

If parents are going to be running after school clubs, does that by definition of being singled out from nursery providers, mean they wont have to have any qualifications?


2 year olds in school nurseries; What research has shown this is good for two year olds?



I know there are loads more questions, but I thought I'd start everyone thinking about them.








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Well, Snowdrop has been given a date for mr Stuart to join the forum and answer questions, so get a list of questions written out and get your points across :)

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How is the early years sector ever going to get sensible funding at the front line when:


A) early education funding is part of the dedicated schools grant which is administered by schools forums


B) the statutory make-up of members of schools forums means that the early years representation is not proportional like it is for schools and academies and early years reps are inevitably is outnumbered and usually outvoted when it comes to allocating funding


(Just in case he doesn't know schools forums are made up as follows -


At least 15 members of which two thirds must be school (including special and nursery schools) and academy members, (primary schools, secondary schools and Academies must be broadly proportionately represented on the forum, having regard to the total number of pupils registered at them). School members can be headteachers, governors etc.


Non-school members must include - one or more persons to represent the local authority 14-19 partnership

one or more persons to represent early years providers (nothing about proportional representation here)
They may also include members that represent
The Diocesan Board of Education for any diocese any part of which is situated in the authority’s area;
The Bishop of any Roman Catholic Diocese any part of which is situated in the authority’s area;
and where there are any schools or Academies within the authority’s area that are designated under section 69(3) of the Act( ) as having a religious character (other than Church of England or Roman Catholic schools), the appropriate faith group in respect of any such school or Academy.
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I've contacted his advisor and said that many members are teachers and would prefer an out of term date- but the email keeps bouncing back. I'll try again during the day. :1b

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