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Had a quick think and have come up with 5 things. I'm sure I'll think of others as this list really didn't take me too long (but I did used to live near Tunbridge Wells so perhaps that explains it! :o ) I may have to come along and change some of them later as more occur to me!


People who talk on their mobile phones whilst driving

Committee meetings

Parents who don’t strap their children into the car properly

Unnecessary packaging

Competitive parents who push their children


Love Mrs Irate from Aberdeenshire xD

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All of the above!




People who throw their sweet wrappers etc out of cars while they're driving along


Fly tippers and others who dump rubbish bags and mattresses


People smoking in cars with young children


Banks that suggest it costs them £35 to bounce a cheque...


Intolerant people who make lists of their dislikes! :o

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I agree with lots of the above but here is my list!!


People jumping red lights

Bad manners

Lack of discipline

The indiscriminate letting off of fireworks

Uneven and high pavements-my mum had a really bad fall today because of this.



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People who chew gum with their mouth open and talk to you


Kids/adults who keep their hoods up indoors


Older people who do not say thankyou when younger people are polite to them eg. hold the door open


Parents who do not bother to wipe their children's nose


Never getting through to a human being on the phone and having to endure inane music interupted by a recording telling you that the company/business is extemely busy but really values your call..... AGh!!

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Oh gosh I feel my legs being slapped!! -


My teenage children do (or did) wear their hoods up - its apparently cool or at least it was - I think we've moved on now


I got caught going through a red light at 12 MPH - 3 points and a £60 fine - was indecisive in a strange area with 7 in the car, loads of luggage and didn't know where I was going!! So I went and faced the consequences.


I've had firework parties - not on the 5th and probably not indiscriminate!!


I always eat in the cinema - my excuse is that if I don't get loads of sugar - I fall asleep - I have done this so many times that my children ban me from going with them in case I snore or dribble!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps I ought to take a red bull in with me.




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People who say "I hear what your saying" but aren't actually listening


Phone sales ( especially evenings & weekends)


Racists ( any predjudice)




The emphasis on academic skills above creativity and ingenuity

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Slugs can't say why, my toes are curling already :o

People who do not indicate do they not realise it endangers them more than anyone else :(

Barbie / Bratz what great role models :(

People who suck their fingers loudly after eating crisps ok, so you enjoyed them, do we all need to know?

Bar staff with poor hygiene practices Last night one asked, 'do i look cool with this t towel on my head' response 'no' oh well, she promptly took it off and continued to dry glasses xD

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Misuse and abuse of the humble apostrophe


People who say PIN number (or HIV virus)


Anything coffee flavoured


The common cold


Anyone speaking on a mobile when they should be concentrating on what they're doing

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Money - truly the root of all evil - bring back trade for trade I say!


Any form of blood sport - hunting for food is one thing but for fun is IMO barbaric (and I live in the country :o )


Alcohol - LOL only kidding about that one!!


Any form of child abuse or labour



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Spitting - Vile :(


Adults who sneeze and cough without making any attempt to put their hand/hanky over their mouth. I was in a shop recently and the girl sneezed and coughed, all the while scanning my purchases. Lucky they were all in packets/boxes.


Complete strangers who say "Cheer Up, it might never happen". Its none of their business if I'm feeling miserable.


People who try to push their way into a traffic jam after speeding up the inside lane when I and everybody else have been sitting in the queue for 10 minutes. The people who let them in get on my nerves as well.


Christmas shopping :o I just hate all those bodies coughing and sneezing their way through shopping centres with all the added noise, heat, and flashing lights.


That felt good to have a rant xD



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people who talk on mobile phones while being served in shops or supermarkets..

Call centres ...you end up going round in circles pushing numbers on the phone often ending up where you began or put on hold for ages running up your bill listening to some really terrible musak.

slugs and snails

impatient drivers

waiting around at airports having been told to book in hours before a flight and have it delayed.



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arent we a grumpy lot then??


well here goes then.


strawberries (Im alergic so why should anyone else have them?)


ants (what are they all about?)


Wasps (you know the ones that sting just cos you're there?)


Supermarkets that keep moving things so that I cant find them...


Christmas (not the religious aspect,...but its all too commercial for me)

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Not sure i can reduce it to 5 -


5: Drivers in SE15. Specifically. Those who do not recognise that putting your hazard lights on does NOT give you permission to park on the DOUBLE red lines. THEY ARE THERE FOR A REASON AND THAT REASON IS TO LET ME PASS BY WITHOUT LET OR HINDRANCE.


4: The saturday morning 7 am dustbin collection.


3: The Royal mail postal delivery service. In SE15. And Postwatch. Who clearly don't. Watch the post that is.


2: Wedgewood for deleting my china pattern only 3 years after introducing it and me deciding to buy it on the grounds it would be around for a while then. Like my mothers which existed for at least 2 centuries before being deleted. It's not fair.


IN AT ONE: Call centres linked to ICT support/BT/british Gas, well all of them really. See blogs for fuller rant.




Enjoyed that!! xD:(:(:o

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arent we a grumpy lot then??


We've had grumpy old men, grumpy old women. How about grumpy Foundation Stage practitioners...?


Surely there's enough material for programmes lasting until the next millennium celebrations...



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:o Cars parked on the pavement.

xD Special Offers at the supermarket - they are always sold out by the time I get there.

:( Neighbours who have building work done during the school holidays

:( pop ups

:( spam

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Oooh. :o

I was going to say nothing really gets me, but - ahem...


* In at nos 1-5 MY OWN STUPIDITY !!!!!!!!! *


A while ago I went to make a coffee, I've just gone back to put the kettle on - I forgot! - unfortunately I also forgot to turn the tap off properly. And left the plug in.


Ho hum, well the kitchen floor's ceramic tiles and it hadn't quite reached the lounge..........



Sue xD

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What are the chances that she forgot to buy a mop aswell??? :(

Only kidding Sue, it comes to us all. Luckily some sooner than others, we can learn from your mistakes and thereby avoid paddling in our kitchens in the middle of October. xD:o

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we can learn from your mistakes and thereby avoid paddling in our kitchens in the middle of October.  xD  :o


You're just jealous that you haven't got a Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen design feature in your kitchen!!



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we've had our own flood, birmingham had another tornado..... and we were clearing up the garage much of the night...hey ho,


Gosh Mundia: I didn't know that. I hope you're getting back to normal, and you get a good night's sleep.



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