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Hi all

could anyone help me pls!! i am doing a child minding course and was wondering what risk assessments i need to have for my setting/children and how to set them out i would appreciate it if someone could upload a copy of one to help me out!also do i need to have my safety gates/fire guards in before Ofsted come even though i wont be child minding until i get the go ahead by Ofsted.

thanks all.

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This is my list.


1. About Me

2. Health and Safety Policy

3. Child Protection Policy


4. Accident/Incident Procedure


5. Healthy Eating Policy


6. Fire Policy


7. Food and Hygiene Procedures

8. Sick Child Policy


9. Lost Child Policy


10. Childminding Observation Policy 11. Managing Behaviour Policy


12. Dropping off and Collection Policy


13. Admissions Policy and Inclusion Policy

14. Confidentiality Policy


15. Complaints Procedure


Allegations of Abuse Against a Childminder Policy


Some odd formatting in there - didn't look like that before, but you get the gist?!


Pacey or Morten Michell will keep you straight too.





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If you message me with your email address I'd be happy to send you my policies and procedures as they are. Of course they will be written for MY setting. You will need to think carefully about yours will be and be willing to change them as needed.


The most important policies are listed in the EYFS.

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Honeypancakes has listed a great list for policies but these are not your isk assessments and the one sent to you by your insurance company will only cover basics (like locks/smoke alarms etc)

I'm sure there are some in the resource library ...have you had a look?

You will need to risk assess lots of things in your home....the childrens toys/your garden/security/any specific dangers?safety gates/animals/entrances and exits etc etc etc.

i'll try and find an example..... back soon

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When you have your registration visit from the Ofsted inspector, you need to be ready to accept children at that point- there isn't any room for 'I'll have it in place when my first child arrives'. Hope this helps :1b

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