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Songs wanted for 'Holiday' topic


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This is the way we dig the sand ..... On a sunny summer morning (fly a kite, kick a ball or whatever)


Down at the station/airport, early in the morning


Five big cases, standing in a row, one big suitcase got on a plane/train to go

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do you know the swimming pool song?



swimming, swimming in a swimming pool etc??

No, not heard that one - but would love to! :P

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the words are (for our version)


swimmin,swimming in a swimmin pool

when days are hot when days are ccold

in a swimming pool

breast stroke,

side stroke

fancy diving too

wouldn't you like to be there in my swimming pool?


there are actions and a tune

the nearest i can find is this....but the words are a bit different!!!! as you repeat you get faster...or miss words out and still do the actions!


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