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Literacy - Mark making ideas!


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Hi all,


We are trying to develop our literacy/mark making area, apart from the obvious;

  • Pens, pencils, crayons
  • Whiteboards & markers
  • Blackboards & chalks
  • We have clip boards with shopping lists & pencils in the role play corner (friut and veg shop)

I would like to rack your brains for some 'out of the box' ideas to make the area more interesting and entice and engage the children!


Thanks :1b

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We have discovered some fantastic 'lipstick' type crayon thingies - can't for the life of me think what they are called - doh - will see if i have a receipt and will be back.......they are pretty pricey - but even my most reluctant mark makers just love them! :1b

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  • charcoal
  • tarpaulin with brooms and paint
  • Mops and shower curtains
  • straws
  • cotton wool dabbing
  • string
  • sticks
  • forks
  • decorating rollers
  • sponge pan scourers
  • combs/ hairbrushes
  • wooden/ metal spoons
  • tooth brushes
  • shaving brushes
  • large thick ropes
  • beads
  • ice cubes
  • mud........

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I loved charcoal when I was little,my dad smoked a pipe so the ashtray was always full of really burnt matches which I would gather and use to draw on the walls outside. The day mom and dad bought me a box of charcoal sticks was fabulous.


I presume you have print displayed too, I used to buy newspapers in different languages whenever I could to just for a bit of interest.

Pens and pencils that were a bit unusual too, I bought some lovely ones from Hawkins Bazaar years ago, the lead was multi- coloured.

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