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Children in Need 2012 - Photographic Competition


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Welcome to Children in Need 2012 on the FSF


There are 2 threads running this year, a photograph competition and ‘Tell us a joke’


This is the photograph competition thread and it is for everyone to play and contribute to.


Just upload a photo of an everyday object that is either taken form a strange angle or only part of the object for members to guess the identity of the item.

Here is an example;


Photo 1 clue.jpg


Then let the guessing begin and once someone has guessed the object correctly please post a picture of the whole item and confirm who spotted it first.


And the answer is;


A plug identified by Sue


Photo 1 answer.jpg


As for the winners, the moderating team will be popping in and out and awarding ‘Spot’ prizes of FSF mugs, pens and pads for anything that amuses them during the evening.


Next week the moderating team will examine the photographs a little closer and the most interesting, unusual or fiendishly tricky entry, as decided by the mods (and their decision will be final) will have a choice of one of the following Top Prizes;


Option A – One year’s subscription to ‘Tapestry – Online Learning Journals’


Option B - £20 cheque from the FSF for you to treat yourself


Option C – Choose a book from the following selection;


‘Practical EYFS Handbook 2
Edition’ by Penny Tassoni


‘Child Observation for the Early Years 2
Edition’ by Ioanna Palaiologou


‘Transitions in the Early Years’ by Sue Allingham and ‘The Key Person Approach’ by Jennie Lindon - yes you get both if you chose this one!


Hope you all have fun and remember at some point during the evening to click here and donate


Have fun



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OK, I am being dragged away from all this fun shortly as I have to pick up my baby girl (15 years old and 5ft 7" of loveliness) and go out for pizzza and then see the last part of the Twilight saga.....team Jacob if you want to know xD :wub: xD


So here are my last few to keep you going and hopefully when I get back there will be some of your photos for us all to guess at.


So still to guess photo 1


Photo 3 clue.jpg


Photo 8


Photo 10 clue.jpg


Photo 9


Photo 11 clue.jpg


Photo 10


Photo 12 clue.jpg


Good luck and see you later.....behave yourselves while I am out as the other mods will be lurking around to issue spot prizes :D

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owwww have fun...... we are off out for an Indian for my daughters 18th.....


photo 8 - scissors?

photo 9 - boiled egg in egg cup?


Hmm curry yummy!!!


You're good


Photo 8


Photo 10 answer.jpg


I thought photo 9 was hard....and I don't mean hard boiled!!!


Photo 11 answer.jpg


So pm me and let me know what you would like FSF mug, pen or pad :D

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