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Mark Making Trays - New ideas please :)


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Hi everyone.


We have been allowed to buy ourselves a new storage unit of slidy trays for our mark making area - woo hoo! We have quite a good mark making resourced table but I just know how good some of you are at those ideas that we all go 'oh wow, love that idea'..


So what could we put in our new labelled drawers..

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We have the usual pens, pencils, paper etc then white boards and pens, envelopes, clip boards, stencils, note pads (for taking orders at restaraunts/writing shopping lists etc), we do have some colouring pages and letter formation pages - only because we do have a couple of children who really want them all the time.


We have a seperate area for paints, glitter glues etc so they're not in our mark making trolley.


I'm sure we have lots of other things but can't think of them off the top of my head! :rolleyes: xD

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we have some of those small clipboards (I think they were for bingo!)

one of our trays are for 'joining' things so have paperclips, cellotape, treasury tags, sticky labels as they are easier to use than tape for the littlies, masking tape cos you can write on it and tear it, stapler, hole punch and some string, glue sticks. when I have to pick a lot of it up off the table it seems to have so much more in it!

one of those cutlery sorters is good for keeping things separate, we got ours from ikea about 50p

some stamps and an inkpad - make sure it is washable, one little girl had 'rosy' cheeks for ever such a long time :o

envelopes in various sizes and invites, paper and I sometimes buy some 1p stamps to go in. 20p's worth seems loads!

pound shop does some good packs of little notepads and stationary really cheap....well for a £1.......


:1b x

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Thanks! I knew i'd get some good ideas on here! We do a lot of this already but it's motivating to hear it all again ready to go and fill up tomorrow!

Speaking of stamps, I used to photocopy them (probably illegal!) but then I found some gift wrap with gold first class stamps all over and cut them out for envelopes and posting.. they look exactly like real stamps. My husband did not quite understand my enthusiasm when I happened to spot it in a shop one day!! :D

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