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Yeah!!! We've just made our first £50 through Easyfundraising!!!


For those that haven't come across this - you basically sign up and then go through their website whenever you shop on the internet (Amazon, play, M&S, argos.... hundreds of places!) and raise a certain % each time.



And if you join using this link.....


www.easyfundraising.org.uk/referral/24509 my setting gets a 'thank you' and a % of what you make - but you don't get any less!


It's really good - and money for doing something you'd do anyway!!


Every little bit helps, and I'm really chuffed to have got £50!!


Have fun!

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Cait put me onto this years ago - a really good way of raising money, and although I can't use it to support my group now that it is closed, I raise money for SANDS in support of one of my ex-parents who holds regular fund raising events in memory of her son.


Brilliant way of raising money for doing nothing, and I have never got any spam or unwanted emails from any of this online activity. What's not to love? :1b

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