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So the Librarian clearly has a lot of time on his hands! He has designed a very clever, very fiendish 'spot the difference' competition for you all to take part in. Later this evening I shall upload two pictures with 13 slight differences for you to spot. There will be a cash prize - £26 (£2 for each difference) so I hope lots of you will take part.


The winner of the £26 will be the first person to PM me with all 13 correct answers. So as soon as you've got all the answers, PM me. Good luck everyone. I'll upload the picture at some point after 8 o'clock - so keep you eyes peeled so you can spot when I've done it!

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Right. So here we go then. Here is The Librarian's utterly fantastic Spot the Difference Picture. It looks great on my screen but if you want to print it out to look at alongside the other Children in Need activities on offere here this evening, remember to set your printer to landscape. I hope you have lots of ink though!


Good luck everyone, remember to PM me with the 13 correct answers for your chance to win. The first one with all the answers correct will win £26 courtesy of the FSF!



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Ooh it's hard, I've only found 8 so far!

I did say it was fiendish!


Remember that if you like The Librarian's work, send him some bananas. Bananas are brain food too, so it should help with your concentration!

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Don't forget to PM me when you think you've got all the answers!


Remember there may be 'spot' prizes on offer during the weekend... Where is the mysterious looking smiley when you need it? :o

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I have found them.. but how to tell you in writing is another puzzle.. I have no idea of the character names and explaining this blob and that blob or thing sticking up etc.. may not actually help much! Only about half I could explain in writing!


but then it would give you a real big laugh to read my explanations...

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Exciting news! Steve has suggested that in addition to the £26 for the winner, we should have two runners up prizes of £10. So once the winner has been identified, I'll put all the names of the successful spotters into a hat and draw two at random. So keep going!


Thanks Steve. You're a star!

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Time to announce the winners!


1st: alibongo - wins £26

Runners up: klc 106 and samfrostie who both win £10


Congratulations to the winners and thank you so much to the Librarian for providing such entertainment for us all. :oxD:( :( :( :wacko: xD :rolleyes: :unsure: ;)


Here are the answers, with apologies if I get any of the character's names wrong :ph34r:


  1. Pudsey appeared at the front
  2. Morph appeared at the back
  3. Fireman Sam is missing a button on his epaulette
  4. Roobarb changed colour
  5. Upsy Daisy's face changed
  6. Spud's nose changed colour
  7. Pudsey gained a yellow spot on his bandage
  8. The R was reversed on the drum
  9. BBC was changed to FSF
  10. One of those Thunderbirds was missing an insignia
  11. Thomas the Tank Engine's eyes were looking the other way
  12. The robot was missing his antenna.
  13. There was an 'f' missing in 'difference'.


If you send a DM to Sue with your address (and your real name unless you want to give your Postman something to think about!) she'll arrange to get the cheques sent off asap.


Thanks for joining in and supporting our Children in Need celebrations and if anyone knows what that robot is called, can you let me know? :ph34r:

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Oh wow I can't believe I won, I never win anything!!!! As you could tell from my answers I didn't know the names of lots of the characters!

Can I just ask what a DM is please?


Alison x

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