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In my new nursery we are lucky enough to have a lovely IT room with computers in so that we can take the children out for small focused activities. yesterday i took two boys down (both three years) to play games on cbeebies..... gee whizz, it was hard work, neither child grasped the concept of clicking the correct button on the mouse, or moving the mouse to move the cursor on the screen. Despite showing them over and over again!..... I know they are only little - i then brought three girls down and we had the same struggles.

Does anyone know of any activities in the room / it room that i can do which will help develop mouse control - or is it just a case of practice on the computer?. the problem is when the press the wrong button on the mouse it loads up all other random options (undo, copy, select all etc) then the computer goes into a frenzy.


I hate computers LOL


any tips?

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look for a game just to promote mouse control.. we had one called Moles.. think there are others out there, but this one was good because it let us set the amount of control needed, so we could start with just moving the mouse to pick up the mole, then move onto click , and then click and hold down..


we also had a children's mouse, not sure if you can still get them, but ours was a dog where the ears were the buttons and different colours so we could say click the black ear.. etc... alternative to this would be to put a sticker or coloured spot on the buttons and use them as a focus on which one to push.


found this site...


early mouse control games


Crickweb also has some good ones.


another way we found also helped was a simple paint programme and to be able to print off the result was an added bonus..


it does take a bit of time and patience to begin with, but most get there.. trouble is they expect an immediate response and click too many times.. which usually freezes the computer as it tries to catch up with the commands..


good luck..

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Maybe they just don't have the control yet? It could just be too soon for them? Mouse control requires several simultaneous movements, laterally as the hand goes from side to side from the shoulder and then fingers up and down, plys the hand eye coordination to watch the screen and move the mouse which is very complex. Maybe a different controller like a trackball type designed for children with limited control would make it easier?





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Nowadays you don't see children using a "normal" computer anymore... only tablets (iPads and similar), iPod Touch, PSP, smartphones, etc). It is not only affecting their mouse-control skills, but also their pencil grip! Look on how they hold a stylus pen.

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