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Hi all -

Just to let you know that we are migrating our server to a new data centre* next weekend and that consequently the FSF will be unavailable for up to six hours, beginning at approximately 10pm.


During this time if you try to access any part of the FSF you will find a message apologising for the inconvenience and inviting you to return later. Apologies for the inconvenience but the move is necessary for a number of technical reasons, which will ensure that the website has space to grow and develop.


*This means that the computer which stores all the information that you see when you log into the FSF will be being moved to a new dedicated building, where it will be re-connected to the internet. By the time you wake up on Sunday, we should be back and looking remarkably fresh and cheerful! :o

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well as a forum addict - I'll just take it as a 'window of opportunity' to do some housework then!


At 10pm at night.....10pm on a Saturday night.....you should be out having fun or curled up on the sofa with a good movie or good book and a mug of cocoa....have a little lay in Sunday morning and by the time you're ready to get your FSF fix it will all be sorted and good to go :o

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