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Wages, Tax, National Insurance Etc.!


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Hi all,


I am opening my pre-school in September. It will be private ran and so committee.

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice regarding how I work out and pay wages, tax, national insurance and anything else that I have

to pay!


I have never done anything like this so any help would be much appreciated!!!


Thanks in advance! :o

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or the tax office give you a very handy CDrom with a programme on it which had all the calculations etc on it , very easy to do and the last time I used it there was a quick link to the end of year returns . They send a new one every year with all the new rates on it and if they change midyear send you an update for it.


They are also very good at answering questions helping out with new employers learning PAYE and always managed to do it myself quite easily, found that bit easier than the accounts!

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I use paybureau works out at £17 a month for 8 wage slips and they do all the calculations as well as end of year the best investment I have done in 13 years. found them on line

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Agree with Inge, it's quite easy to do yourself using the calculators provided by HMRC. Our paid administrator does this as part of her job role. One of the suggested payroll services might be a good idea, either if you have to rely on a member of the committee to do wages voluntarily or if you don't have an administrator perhaps.

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