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A bit later than I expected to be, but who would like to come and help us break last year's record for the number of people in chat simultaneously?


There are prizes to be won for the chatterers, so come and say hello!

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roll up roll up only 3 of us in there so far come and join us xD:(

or four because Geraldine's listed twice! :o


I think due to the late time of starting we may need to adjourn the chat marathon til another time! :(

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Whatever the record was...we certainly didnt beat it!!! xD


Well............. depends how you look at really! Technically we might have beaten the record :o

There were only 5 members on line (48 guests but we decided they didn't have access to chat) and of the 5 there were 3 in chat. Therefore over half the members on line were in chat :(


No idea how many people were on line when the chatathon was on last year but I doubt that over half took part so maybe, just maybe the little trio could have set a new record :(


Many thanks to happymaz and sam I really enjoyed the chat and think we put the world to rights!!!

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