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Has Anyone Else Been In This Situation?


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I was spot checked by Ofsted yesterday following some allegations made to them about the way I manage my preschool. The allegations,though anonymous,turn out to have been made by a member of staff who resigned at the end of the Summer Term.

Has anyone else had a situation like this and what did you do? I don't know whether to confront her or not.

I did pass the spot check with flying colours and the inspector was extremely happy with the way I do things but it has left me feeling very unsettled and wondering what she may do next.

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How horrid for you and how mean of the ex-member of staff! Did she leave under a cloud with a grievance? Even if she did there's no excuse for what she did, especially if it was unfounded, which it was!!


My inital instinct would be to confront her and have it out with her; but then thinking about it logically and calmly, I'd probably just ignore her from here on in. The complaint or allegation was investigated and thrown out, so my advice is don't give her the pleasure of being confronted by you. However should she start bad mouthing you to others and you can prove this then I would maybe suggest a visit to CAB or LAWCALL (if they still have it under the PSLA) to see what you can do to shut her up.


For now though have some chocolate; it always helps!!

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Oh - fairydollpink. I haven't but felt I should reply.

I am so sorry to hear this, it must have been very upsetting. Did you find out from ofsted that it was her or local hearsay?

I think, if I was in this position, I wouldn't rise to it ad instead keep my pfofessional pride and dignity.

Not knowing the individuals concerened etc, all i can say is in my experience, it doesn't take long before people see others for what they really are!

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Yes.. sort of.. in my case it was a parent who left after one session.. and it was also broadcast around everyone she could talk to..!


I 'rose above it' and kept a professional front.. rest of staff were seething though and had to keep a check on them too..


As all and sundry had been told I copied the resulting letter from Ofsted and put it in the window, on the noticeboard everywhere I could, and also had to go to local school and ask them to print something for me in their newsletter...


parent eventually became very sheepish and obviously had also had a letter from Ofsted as she avoided me as much as she could.. all to the better was my opinion...


never did find out why, just glad to see it all over and done with.. and I could ignore her!


Think I would do the same for ex-staff , make me feel better for not rising to the bait! but I am that sort of person, let it go and not rise to the bait.. makes them angrier though!


and if an employer ever asks for a reference for her , unless you can prove it was her you cannot say anything about it, but then you dont have to give a reference at all, which can speak volumes..



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How awful, on the upside you know that Ofsted are very happy with you!


I would ignore her, it's a very underhand thing to do and she's obviously not the nicest person. She doesn't merit a response.

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Poor you! I have been the subject of a complaint by a parent so I know how that feels, but Ofsted never visited me so I can only imagine how that felt when you got the knock at the door.


When the letter arrived from Ofsted telling me this parent had made a complaint, it gave the name of the complainant although I was well aware that it was her because of the nature of the complaint. How did you find out it was an ex- member of staff?


I agree with Inge about not rising to the bait and not giving her the satisfaction, and also about making sure everyone is aware that you've been given a clean bill of health from Ofsted.


I hope you have time to reflect over the weekend, and that when you've done that you can put it all to bed and move on. Some people are just malicious for the sake of it - and if she does ever require a reference I'd just politely decline!


Take care


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Oh dear and she works in or has in our profession. As previous posts have said if she left in a cloud/disciplinary etc donot give it another thought, put your good bill of health from Ofsted up for all to see, leaves a rather nasty taste i would presume though, have a good weekend. :o:(xD

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I know it was an ex member of staff as she had sent some emails to my chairperson basically saying if I wasn't sacked she would go etc etc. plus other stuff. Luckily I had kept a copy of these,premonition perhaps?,and Mrs O asked to see them and said they were nearly identical to the letter they had received.

Can't think of anyone else I've upset and the allegations were aimed at me specifically not the preschool.

But you're right,I shall rise above it,I am good at my job,the kids are happy as are the parents,staff and committee. Can't let one person ruin all the hard work I've put in.

Thank you for your kind replies-you've restored my faith in people :o

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We had a parent do it some years ago when it was social services. What you should do is throw a party called 'fabulous' and invite everyone you can think of, plus the local newspaper. That should be answer enough to her.

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This happened to me April 2009. Mine was an ex-staff member too. It is very hurtful, some of the things that she said could have meant a HUGE amount of trouble including physical abuse!!!! :o


I knew who made the complaint as she had left under a cloud due to fraudulent training fund claims. All I can say is rise above it and continue your obvious good work.


It may take a while for you to get over it too. It is almost a personal attack. It rocked my confidence really badly. Some people may even remember my distraught posts on here.


I really feel for you. Take care of yourself and your staff. You may all need time to vent and be upset, but you will get over it.



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Horrid situation and horrid ex-member of staff (you're well rid of her!)


Years ago I was investigated by Ofsted after a complaint from a parent. The Inspector rang on Friday and visited on Monday. When the Inspector arrived she asked if I knew the nature of the complaint/who might have made it. Like you, I knew and had records to back me up. Within minutes the Inspector said it was a "malicious complaint" and no further action was required.


As I'd known she was coming I'd told all my parents (when I'd stopped crying :o ) The Inspector put her judgement in writing to me and advised me to copy it to all of them and put a copy up at home.


The complaining parent had a very hard time facing me on the playground for months and years afterwards, particularly when her daughter would come and chat to me or hold my hand at the school disco etc xD I still treated her and her Mum with the utmost courtesy and respect, refusing to sink to her level!


Put it down to experience, have a glass of wine, some chocolate and enjoy your weekend.



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Awful situation to be in! This has happenned to me twice, one ex staff memeber, one existing parent!


On both occaisions the allegations were so far fetched, as the investigating inspector said, people generally add more and more into their complaints so they hold more weight!


I felt so mad that they were able to do this and yes wanted to make my feelings known, however, i realised that this would probably only push them into making more complaints.


The outcome of both investigations were good, with the inspector praising our practice, she couldn't believe that after the allegations that the parent had made she was still willing to send her child to us!


Even now, 2 years on i find it difficult to communicate with this parent but try and remain as professional as possible!!!

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Thanks everyone,have decided I've wasted enough energy on her both now and when she "working" for me.

Shall just ignore her and get on with doing my job the best way I can...this has just made me more determined to get that elusive Outstanding at next inspection-that in itself will irritate her.

Off out for dinner and wine with hubby and friends.

Enjoy your weekend everyone :o

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