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My washing line is full of playgroup stuff. Dressing up clothes, dolls clothes, the parachute other random bits and pieces.

It looks lovely and colourful and I know the neighbours will be looking on in wonder, especially at the dolls clothes, which are mostly baby clothes!! :o

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haha - makes me remember a few years back when I came across the stash of terry nappies in the loft and decided to make use of them for various cleaning and other jobs down at Preschool. They smelled a bit foisty so I washed them and got them on the line - my neighbours both reacted - one with a phone call almost immediately!

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Thats sooooo funny I'm here at home washing and pegging out batches of dressing up clothes too - I have everything from Buzz Lightyear to Snow White pegged out at the moment !!!!!!!

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