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Had The Visit Today


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arrived there this morning mrs o in my parking space. Heart beats fast. She offered to carry in my belongings for me - half the role play corner! All went well and am still smiling - :o

She was really understanding about being a pack away setting and not wanting to hold me up whilst I set up. A point of interest for you lot said she likes SEFS that are bullet pointed and are printed off and used in the setting!

Off for a drink now xD

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We had our inspection on 15th June. Our SEF isn't bullet pointed and our inspector was very happy with the format. I think it's down to individual inspectors.


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perhaps the forum is being spied on :oxD:(

Or maybe its just that with inspections about to be outsourced, they're just clearing the decks before September!



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Well done for surviving and still smiling!!


Oh dear ... we are very overdue, what's the betting they come next week as everyone is winding down. Shame they didn't come today actually and see all the children digging up potatoes and carrots on the allotment and then eating them for snack.


Would laugh if they turn up on trip day next week when we're not there, better leave a note on the door :o

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cheers. All felt very surreal, I went in Friday in a daze not quite sure if I'd dreamt it! But at least all over for now!


The SEF thing I think is personal preference, ours wasn't bullet pointed maybe it was just too wordy for her.


Our last one was April 2007 so we were due. When I had my suitable persons interview she said if you're being outsourced there WON'T BE ANY INSPECTIONS AUGUST OR SEPTEMBER THEY WOULD ONLY DO COMPLAINTS AS WILL BE CHANGING OVER PAPERWORK AND SYSTEMS, I'm East Riding, don't know if that true elseswhere x

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