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Can any of you lovely people help me out here???


We are a pre-school that operates in a local church hall. During the day we have the areas we use to ourselves. There a two doors which access the main coridoor but both of these have latches on which are in place during the session.


Now upstairs is a residential flat where the caretaker lives, we never see them and they never access the rooms we use during our operating hours so do they still need to be CRB? Also does the Vicar who again is on site but doesn't enter our rooms?

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if these people have access to your building when you are not there you might want to get them crb'd because they might be able to get access to information on the children (ofsted - not me!) we have to have our cleaner done who enters about 3 hours after the children have gone home and NEVER meets them! if in doubt get them done :o

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My understanding is this


anyone living on the premises MUST have CRB


Anyone else who uses the building does not require CRB unless COULD have unsupervised access to the children. If other users are able to access your room, then all records must be appropriately and securely stored.

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If you are using/renting church premises then it is unlikely you need a CRB for the Vicar or the Caretaker as they will be CRB'd anyway through the Church's safeguarding procedures. It might be worth asking the Vicar about the Caretaker just in case he has been overlooked. Anyone 'official' belonging to the church likely to have contact with with vulnerable groups, which includes adults as well as children, has to be CRB'd. Actually they should have checked that you have the proper procedures in place as you are using their premises.

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