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Well you practically had to drag myself and the staff from the ceiling this morning we were so excited.


I had a meeting with a funding lady about joining the 2 year old pilot scheme, which we have done. As we were chatting she was asking about the hours we do, we already do 3 hour and 6 hour sessions. She asked if she had been in contact with us about doing the 15 hours this term which she hadn't. Then she said can you do it this term - yes! We get an increased rate for the extra 2 and a half hours, plus £1.25 per child per week (we have 50 funded children!) AND we get £2500 capital grant AND £3000 grant for providing flexible funding!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. My mum, who is the owner, wasn't there today, so I rang her to tell her and she was almost crying.


We can now get our long awaited canopy after missing out on last years funding. For the two year old pilot we also get a £1000 grant to provide resources for children accessing the funding. It was only by chance that I arranged this meeting.


I'm on cloud 9!

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Thanks guys! Have re-done all bills now. Lots of happy parents tomorrow with a £0 bill!


Can anyone recommend a good canopy company. Have emailed a few in the past who have said they'll pop in when in the area but never appeared.

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