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Are you registered with an authority with regards to data protection?

What is in your data protection policy?


I've been advised to look at the ICO web site which I have had a very quick look at but nothing on there says

'.....playgroup you need to fill in this form'!

so I thought I'd ask you knowledgeable people before I have to sit a read the whole lot! :o

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It is something you have to do - and yes make sure it is through the Information Commisionners Office website as there are lots of scammers out there who will charge you over £100 when its actually about £35 per year to register, the form is quite straightforward and you will just get an annual reminder about it. :o

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Go to the


ico.gov.uk website


click on the 'for organisations' heading

then the Notification under the Data Protection Act

you can then fill in an online notification form or request one in the post

theres stuff on the site to download and explain. Hope that helps :o

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Sorry to be thick, but is this a requirement? What exactly is it for?



Yes it is a legal requirement -and you can be prosecuted for non-compliance, anybody - or organisation that holds data is required to register with the ICO, it protects both the person collecting the data and the parents who give us the data. Your Early Years department who hold the information about funded children also have to be registered, and may possibly provide a letter for your parents verifying this ( well they do in Portsmouth anyway) :o

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before registering do go through the do I need to notify process...


one of the exemptions is


'If none of your processing is carried out on computer there is no requirement to notify'


as we had all our personal info on children on paper and not computerised we did not have to register.


If you do decide to register remember to go direct to the Information Commissioner’s Office , It is very easy to do..



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Thanks to those who repied to my earlier posts, but I am still abit confused. The only computerised data we hold would be end of year reports. Would that alone require us to register?


Just been on the website for a quick look and it does say about data stored 'on computer or on paper' and we all have to have children's details - so I guess the answers yes.....


Don't worry you're not alone! Something I'll have to look into now too.



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Section 4

Notification exemptions


The Act provides an exemption from notification for some data controllers. Exemptions are possible for the following.


* Data controllers who only process personal information for:

o staff administration (including payroll);

o advertising, marketing and public relations (in connection with your own business activity); and

o accounts and records.

* Some not-for-profit organisations.

* Processing personal information for personal, family or household affairs (including recreational purposes).

* Data controllers who only process personal information for the maintenance of a public register.

* Data controllers who do not process personal information on computer.



Notifications Handbook


We all have to comply with the Data Protection Act though which I think is where the confusion arises - this is different to notification. :o

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