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The Dreaded Visit


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Just have to share this. We had the dreaded visit yesterday!!


I've had a very stressfull week with a very poorly dog, so worried about him, he was in the hospital for two days and just as we were going to fetch him yesterday when our Deputy rang me up to let me know Ofsted had just arrived. (6mths to early) What bad timing!! Our deputy handled it fantastically and I popped in after we dropped our dog at home. Inspector came back today, was very nice, down to earth, sympathised with the fact that so many people tell us so many different things, she was very supportive, Gave us a Good. Very very pleased.


I'm so happy, can't stop smiling!!

:oxD:( :( :( :wacko: xD

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From one recent Good to another - well done!


I'm still smiling :o


This forum helped me a lot to achieve the Good


Gotta love this forum!

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That was my thinking to. We received a good last time and were not due until end of October. We were certainly not expecting them at all. Did think that from about June we needed to prepare so was quite a shock. Would love to know why our name popped up early.


Doggie is slowly getting better. Not out of the woods yet but eating and moving around a bit more. They are like children!! Was so worried was in tears for a couple of days.

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A computer decides when you are to be inspected.


Our inspection was 2 weeks ago (3 weeks early) but the SEF that inspector had printed off had Dec date on it.


So, who knows!


Glad to gear your dog is improving!

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Hi from one "good" to another (or at least I have seen that in writing but am not sure).


We were inspected 22nd January, I received the paperwork with a lot of factual mistakes; so sent it back highlighting all of them to which I received a reply saying that my "concerns" were being dealt with and that they were obliged to reply within 20 days.


That 20 days were up yesterday, I have not had an amended report and I keep checking the website its not on there either. What do I do, officially I have not had our "good" confirmed even though thats what it says on the report I have with the mistakes.


When do I get to celebrate and what do I give to parents?


I did email them yesterday to tell them the 20 days were up yesterday but no reply yet. I would love to be able to share and congratulate my team but until its official I'm in a tricky position. Has any one else exprienced anything like this? :oxD



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