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Children In Need 2009 Member's Story


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Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, I have a few thanks to make.


First of all Id like to thank the FSF HQ for letting us wreak havoc around the forum from time to time, and for very generously giving the prizes. Also for creating the best place to be in early years!


Next thanks to Maz, for organising the biggest chat event, I cant imagine what went on in there, and I was there!


Finally, the biggest thanks of all go to you, the members, without you we wouldn't have the community we do. You are the ones who keep the community alive, and who illustrate the passion and commitment of early years. Keep it coming.



Now, onto our story. I hope that we raised some money for Children in need and will continue to do so. No doubt we'll be back next year for another event.


I have written out our story, there are bits that even make sense.... I have taken the odd bit of artistic license here and there but its mostly as you wrote it. Have a read...


Well done everyone!


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Can I join in with the thanks too? As usual mundia did a superb job of organising a fun evening, so a big thank you mundia! And thanks to Maz for the chat marathon. And thank you to all my wonderful Fsf friends - I couldn't think of a nicer bunch of people to spend an evening with. Group hug everyone! :oxD

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I know I joined in but don't remember reading half of that when it was being written... and not a drop of vodka was seen in my area.. definitely a bit 'off the wall'


but well done all and thanks for an interesting weekend!



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I'll print that off to share with my hubby and daughter who had serious concerns about me on Friday when I was laughing til it hurt!! :o


Thanks to everyone for the company (and the wine, nibbles, food fight, karaoke........) in the Chat Room!


Nona X

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