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Hi all.

A part of Children in need, we have a couple of events happening tonight. Pop along and take part in our story, have a chat in the chat room, and here, look for Pudsey.


There are 10 pictures of Pudsey hidden around the forum. They are

  • waving Pudsey
  • sitting Pudsey
  • Time lord Pudsey
  • rockstar Pudsey
  • golfing Pudsey
  • Topiary Pudsey
  • Chef Pudsey
  • knitted Pudsey
  • school Pudsey
  • Money jar Pudsey


If you find one, PM and let me know which one and where you found it. There are prizes if you are first to find one. Please don't give the game away here.


By the way, my signature and avatar dont count! They are not amongst the hidden ones.


You dont have to donate to Children in need but it would be great if you do. You can donate here


Happy hunting

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Crikey, you lot are good! Thought this one would keep you amused for hours...


So far you have found the waving Pudsey; Timelord Pudey; School Pudsey and Rockstar Pudsey.

Well done, Im not saying where tey are though...

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O just to update yo on this.


So far you have found








If you have found any of the others and haven't let me know yet you could be a winner!

I will say the ones found so far are the easy ones, the other 4 are much trickier. They are



Money jar



I will give clues after 10pm

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Ok it seems that the Pudseys have eluded you (good!)


There are 3 left to find and a little clue for each one. Each one is in a place thats suits the Pudsey it is. So think.. where would you find.....

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OK Im just in the process of working out who was first to find the various Pudseys.


There is still one remaining, that the money jar Pudsey, it looks like he's holding a jar of cookies but they are in fact pennies...


The clue really is there, so Im not giving away any more, Im sure one of you can work it out...

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