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No not yet Sam!

Im going to be a bit mean and keep this one going until tomorrow evening. I am trying to think of a clue that I haven't mentioned already that wont give the game away to much.


I noticed some of you looking in the Make Poverty History thread, you're on the right lines but the wrong topic!

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Yes he must be Hali.


Im feeling quite chuffed with myself that I have managed to stump you all on this one! But we have never been unbeaten on the forum so here are a couple of small but very very final clues.



I will say that the last Pudsey is hiding in a thread in the forum.

the thread relates to what we have been doing this weekend.


Great way to get used to the 'search' facility!


that's all folks.. come on Ive made it far too easy now haven't I?

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Well done to samfrostie for finding the last Pudsey, and who wins £20.


To put you out of your misery, He was hiding in the original Children in Need Story made in 2004, in a post made by Inge. I linked to that thread in the very first of the current competition so I thought he would be an easy one to find!


I shall be removing the Pudseys later on, but you can still take part in the story. There are still some post prizes to be won there.

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