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Does anyone have a specific sheet they use to send to other providers. The best I can think of is The All About Me sheet on the EYFS disc (planning for 3/4 year olds) I haven't had much luck in the past when trying to form links with other settings. I only have one child that attends another setting.I have a few children that attend childminders but the childminders are very anti and down about the EYFS so its difficult to work with them.

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I send out a small notebook giving some info, such as key person's name, days when the child is with us and a bit of info about what their interests are when they are with us. I invite the other setting to do the same. the book goes back and forth via the parent who may also contribute if they wish. We do not have a prescribed amount of time to do this, or a fixed idea of what we put down. I don't even put down any planning, just the child's current interests.


I begin by sending out a letter to the other setting quoting the bit from the EYFS which says we should be doing this info swap and also a copy of the parental consent form to share info.


The only child to use a childminder with us has a fantastic diary kept by her childminder and so we contribute to that rather than have a book as well.

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I have a few children that attend childminders but the childminders are very anti and down about the EYFS so its difficult to work with them.


What a shame! Have you thought about calling it to the attention of your local early years team? Perhaps a bit of support and information would help them feel a little more positive about the EYFS.

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Yes it is a shame.They seem scared and confused. They have been on lots of courses but they say everyone tells them different.I was talking to some minders today explaining that its not too difficult listening and recording and encouraging the next step.She even asked to see our planning paperwork so i might win them round.I have invited them to come in at the end of a session next week. I will try to win them round.

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Hi all


I am quite shocked that you are reporting childminders as not wanting to work in partnership with other providers such as nurseries etc.,


From my experience as an assessor it is the pre-schools and daycare providers that feel they are unable to share information with other practitioners such as childminders, due to the amount of work that it would produce for their staff. Some are also afraid due to confidentiality reasons.


Most childminders I know have tried approaching the settings their childminded children attend. Most childminders use a daily diary which provides parents with information regarding what the child has eaten, frequency of toileting, activities the child has sought out themselves or asked for to be provided and activities the childminder has provided to enhance each childs individual needs to aid development to move the child on.


The trouble these childminders find is that pre-schools and nurseries do not have the time to provide information to the childminders with regards the children they both look after.


Childminders are turning to childrens centres who have really good qualified staff who appreciate the effort and knowledge they have with regards the children in their care. They help them with planning, provide information on the children they care for and produce written information which help both settings not only help the child, but show Ofsted that vital information that they are working in partnership with other providers for the benefit of the children they care for.


I do agree that we should not be stereotyping either nursery or childminder - but help both of these settings to work in partnerhsip with each other.


One way of doing it is for settings to invite the childminders in when they discuss the key children they are looking after - during planning meetings - you could provide the childminder with a copy of the planning for that child and with parental permission give that to the childminder or nanny. Likewise the childminder could provide relevant information on the childs interests, particularlyin relation to the wider environment and knowledge and understanding of the world as childminders frequently take the children out to meet fire officers, parks, farms, theatres, childminding groups and childrens centres etc.,


I know from looking at recent Ofsted reports that certain areas keep croping up. 1. Risk assessments, 2. How to plan for next steps to move the child on, 3. How providers work in partnership with others.


Would be interested to know how many other providers work with each other and how, particularly for childminders

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Sorry forgot to add - ask the childminders to contact their local Childminding Officer or equivalent (childminding Development officers) as they should be able to help them - or their local childrens centre. Some childrens centres are also offering workshops to facilitate their needs in relation to the EYFS.


Also great that bubblejack will invite to planning meeting - fantastic. But childminders can keep it really simple. They also only have to do very loose planning for under 3's - due to the childs age as you know. Observing, planning and assessment is something they do without realising it - they are only being asked to put this down on paper. They already possess wonderful skills, its how these skills are transcribed on paper that makes the difference for the children and OFSTED. Some childminders use a photograph from this they simply write what area of learning the child has covered and then write down the experiences/activites they will provide to promote next steps - the cycle then begins again. They also write down the page number within the EYFS to show that they have the theory to back up their observations.


They can also contact local support childminders - the majority have their level 3, EYFS degree and now EYP to include Quality Assurance awards.


Sorry to go - but the childminders i know, work with etc., are fantastic and have the EYFS firmly under their belt and have gained OUTSTANDING and my experience comes from working within a huge county

and not a selected few.


Its all down to how hard a local authority has worked to support them. To include how they themselves gain their knowledge and understanding by research and attending good viable workshops on the subject.


Oh dear - 2 large posts - sorry will get off my soap box

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Oh dear - 2 large posts - sorry will get off my soap box

No need to apologise Beauvink - there are enough soapboxes to go round! :o


You raise a valid point especially about how many childminders are getting Outstanding Ofsted inspection gradings for their successful implementation of the EYFS and their child-led practice. We group providers can learn an awful lot from their experiences and their knowledge.


I think it is important to treat each situation on its own merits. We probably all know groups who are willing and committed to partnership working and information sharing and those who really don't see the benefit of working in this way. We probably all know childminders who are really keen to engage with the settings their minded children attend, and those who merely want to drop and run.


The trick is not to let our experiences in one situation cloud our judgement and affect the approaches we take in another.



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Hi Maz


Yes you are right, I totally agree with you both have their pros and cons. I suppose I do so much work to highlight the benefits of childminders that I sometimes see red when I see slightly negative comments - although well meant. And yes some childminders do run a mile from upskilling their knowledge to help the children within their care. The same can be said of some pre-schools and daycare settings - so yes you are right to take each as an individual case.


Have a lovely bank hols tomorrow and a happy new year to you all.

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Is there anybody out there who will attach a letter or information that they send out? Or if there is one on the forum already point me in the right direction. This is something on my to do list and it would be really helpful to see how others set it up.




samfrostie :o

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Oh Beauvink - THANK YOU!!!!


We're a very vocal bunch of childminders on here but it's lovely to have another professional passionate about what we do!



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:o Ooh, just read that back - big apologies to everyone else who is supportive of us, too!


I've just finished an assignment for Uni for a course tutor who views me as a "glorified babysitter" and expresses surprise at what my role involves every time I hand in a piece of work - think it's colouring my view at the moment! Sorry!


Nona X

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Is there anybody out there who will attach a letter or information that they send out? Or if there is one on the forum already point me in the right direction. This is something on my to do list and it would be really helpful to see how others set it up.




samfrostie :o

Hi Sam.......this is mine.......


Dear xxxxxxx


As you will know it is a requirement of the EYFS that 'where children receive education and care in more than one setting, practitioners must ensure continuity and coherence by sharing relevant information with each other and with parents'

Statutory Framework for the EYFS.


I have gained permission from the parents of xxxxxx xxxxxxx to share information with you. Please see attached.


I hope that you will find this of use and that in turn you may be able to share some information with us.


Kindest regards



Does that help at all?

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Mine is a little longer




Welcome to ................................. Learning Story


This story will keep a record of the achievements of ____________ during their time in our setting.

It will be based on The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and will cover six areas of learning –


o Personal, social and emotional development


o Communication, language and literacy


o Mathematical development


o Knowledge and understanding of the world


o Physical development


o Creative development


And the EYFS principles which guide the work of all practitioners are grouped into four distinct but

complementary themes:


o A Unique Child


o Positive Relationships


o Enabling Environments


o Learning and Development



The examples of what your child achieves will be collected through the normal everyday activities of the group. It could include a variety of observations; examples of children’s work with a short sentence explaining the work, photographs and conversations between adults and children.

It is hoped that as parents and carers you too, will add comments throughout the time your child is in the setting.


These could include -


? Photographs of family celebrations, outings and holidays


? Things your child tells you about pre-school activities


? When your child does something new at home, eg fastens his/her coat, writes his/her name, draws a picture of a person or object; makes marks on paper and tells you that it is a phone number or shopping list etc


? Tickets to cinema; football; swimming; a farm or theme park


There will also be opportunities for your child to add his/her own comments or chosen work.

The story will be shared with you regularly throughout The Foundation Stage and will be available for you to look at whenever you chose.

When your child leaves the setting the Learning Story will be given to you.

It is hoped, however, that you will give permission for The Learning Story to be shared with other professionals working with the setting.

I/we consent to ____________ Learning Story being shared with other professionals working with the setting.







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Hi Nona


You deserve to be recognised for the carer and educator, business manager, cleaner and mother that you are!


As for you youre tutor perhaps you and other childminders will highlight your knowledge and committment eventually, but it may take a few others like yourself to validate your professionalism.


Keep going its worth it for yourself and the children you care for.

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