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Lottery Licience To Sell Raffle Tickets


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I was always under the impression that we as a charity playgroup could fundraise outside of our setting. I've been advised however, that due to the Licencing act 2005, we now have to apply for a lottery licence, which varies in cost according to councils but is around £40.00 per year. This is because the tickets children take home might be sold to people who arent members of the group, i.e. parents work collegues.

£40.00 is the amount we might make on a raffle!

Anyone else shed any light?

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this has always been the way...


When I was secretary on school PTA many years ago I realised that to sell tickets off the premises and in advance of a raffle is actually classed as a Lottery and hence needed the licence.. we used to have to pay an annual fee which allowed us to have 3 events a year to sell tickets in advance... we had to nominate a promoter who was not allowed to buy tickets, nor any of the family.... (we were never able to buy tickets in our house- husband was promoter!)


only way to avoid this is to only sell tickets on the day and on site... not send them home...


we never sent them home with children because of this... ( but must admit we did sell in advance to anyone who came through the door! not sure we should do really!)




sorry meant to say you can fund raise out of the setting but not anything which covers a lottery/ raffle... we did a sponsored walk with buckets on the beach one year... asked council and as we were a charity and it was fine... made loads.. children loved it.. and became very adept at shaking the bucket , even got some money from the donkey ride concession on the beach!

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It is correct that raffle tickets sold where the event takes place, and drawn on that day, are exempt from the Gambling Act, as long as it is for a non-profit purpose such as yours. Sadly if tickets are sold elsewhere, and in advance you need to get a licence from your Local Authority. Have you spoken to whoever is responsible to see if there is a way round it, or if they would charge less as you are not likely to raise much?

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We always had a 'running tomobola' on the run up till Christmas.

Tickets were sold each day and stocks replenished daily.

Worked well for us, tickets were cheap - most were winners, we had lots of little cheap 'party bits' along with bigger gifts. Bit naughty really.......pester power - most parents bought 1 each day!! :oxD:(


Not sure if this needed license as ticket were sold and claimed on premises each day.


I don't do it anymore as working in a privately owned setting now, and I don't feel the parents should be asked to fundraise for setting in any form. We do do charity stuff though.



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