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Weekly also, but focus is on planning only. The rest always seems to have to wait, as never enough time. We always think that we will get time during the session to discuss other things, but the reality as I am sure you all know is that there is always some child needing help, and rightly we put them first. I seem therefore to spend half my life starting and never finishing conversations!! Wouldn't it be great if the SFF took into account non contact time for



child records

discussions with parents



admin........... and a million and one other things!! Ok I will get off my SFF hobby horse now, but this forum always serves to remind me that all practitioners seem to find it a real struggle to do all that we are required to do (never mind what we would love to be able to do) within the time available.

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Hi all,


we too are very fortunate to hold weekly meetings which vary in length half hour to hour and a half, everything is discussed from planning to ind. children, sen, health and safety, personal staff matters. Even this doesn't seem enough time though.

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Hi babybeat


We are a very small pre-school.......so staff wise.......it's me, my deputy and one other.........we are therefore able to discuss planning pretty much 'as we go along'........


We have more formal meeting with an agenda and minutes once every 4 weeks - as manager I prepare for this, as far as I can by distributing copies of anything we will be discussing.......e.g. new planning format, info. received from LA etc.etc. - I do this so that staff have had time to have a look at 'stuff' before we discuss - does that make any sense? I do find an agenda helps us to keep moving forward!



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This is quite a headache for me managing a large nursery, as we don't close til 6pm and people don't want to stay back every week as it is a long day as some staff have been in since 7.30am. We do have a meeting once a month but then this tends to be a catch up on general things rather than planning. How do other nurseries work? at the moment the staff try and do it as best they can around the children. Also trying to release staff to keep up with learning journeys is hard any ideas of how others work this would be great? we have 45 staff at the mo.

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hi all we are small nursery school I have eight staff working on different days Wednesday is the only day when all staff attend therefore would make sense that meetings are held on this day.


Before I set up the nursery and gained teacher status - I worked in an establishment where I was told what to do and where to go - I felt intimidated I was never involved in the planning and never felt involved.


I feel my staff would rather be told where and what to do - as opposed to think for themselves and share with others




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