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I have been to my new setting today to help clear up, get a feel of things (no children present) and get to know staff a bit better - having only met them once before.


Well...the setting is lovely and what they do is lovely but there is a feeling of unease (I know :rolleyes: :( already!) as I believe that some staff have had hours cut to accommodate my arrival..the point of me being recruited is to bring together the planning-observation-assessment-evaluation cycle that is not working at present and none of the current staff (an established team some working for over 10 years together, 6 staff in total) wanted to take this on...consequently I feel a little pressure in being able to come into an already established team and introduce a system that will work.


I have been in this situation before and I realise that it is a gradual process that takes a lot out of everyone in the early stages - however having now met all of the team.....WOW :( ...what strong characters they all are!!

I have my work cut out!

They all seem really nice which is brilliant :ph34r: however they are all pretty uneasy about their working hours and the situaion bringing about my arrival and I am beginning to think this may be a major task in the early stages, also they are all so experienced that their opinions are worthy but plentiful!

Also just to reflect on the thread title...there was a lot of emphasis today on pre-writing and pre-reading skills and getting children to write before they start school, even a mention of the W word! :( :wacko: :oxD;) :unsure: :ph34r:

I have got home and my little head is spinning.......I think my posts will be thick and fast over the coming months....... wish me luck...

I have just given all staff an information pack from me introducing myself and showing them how I should like to pull things together......I have left contacts for feedback.....I guess it is a waiting game now....I may not hear anything...


ooops what have I let myself in for? xD

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As you've said you've done it before!!


Just remember it's a slow process.. I've been in the same situation and feel that now after two years we are finally there, to the point that when I hinted about me moving on...the staff actually cried!.....two years ago at one point I had trouble sitting down with all those 'knives in my back'!!!!!!!! :oxD:(


Challenge is always good.



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First of all Shirel congratulations on getting the job, I had been looking out for your announcement but must have missed it.


Secondly as you know I am in a similar situation myself, with a similar remit, just about to take over the manager's role in September officially, from now unofficially (unpaid!).


I think its really hard with 7 weeks to ponder the situation without being able to get stuck in, no children there either.


I googled 'forming, storming, norming, and performing' theory on team building and actually read this out to the staff. I thought it was useful that we should all know what to expect, I said that I was particularly keen to get through the storming stage as quickly and painlessly as possible, and that with good communication, open discussions, positive feedback etc we should be able to achieve that. Maybe naively!


Also have you seen the Lessons from Geese Powerpoint from the Forum - we all need positive honking!


Shirel - we should keep in touch!

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Thank you everyone. :o

Deb we may become a good support for each other...I remember talking about the processes you go through when building a team at university, and in order to get to a happy place there is inevitably a journey to take....I hope we can help each other and don't forget we have several thousand friends here who will always be around.

Good luck to you....I will let you know if I receive any feedback from my information packs.... xD

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gosh, this sounds character building. hopefully once all the teething problems have been ironed out it will be enjoyable.

all the best.

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