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Hi, as many of you know, I've been the manager of a preschool for 18 years now, and an employer for a little longer than that. I have always only had a small staff of 4 maximum, but with our increasing numbers it looks like that might have to change next year.


In my mind there's some information tucked somewhere that 'things' change for employers when there are 5 or more staff. Can anyone enlighten me as to what these 'things' are and if they make being an employer more difficult. What laws come into effect once the magic '5' staff are there?


Someone out there has the answer and I'd be grateful if you could 'fill me in'


Thanks in advance




P.S. where is everyone tonight - are you all out to dinner with Sunnyday and I didn't get an invite? :o

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We have four and I have heard things said about keeping it to four because of things being more complicated after that.. sorry don't know what.. think it could be something to do with pensions tho. Sorry not more help.

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the only change i know is about offering Pensions - i think!!!! :o - not sure though


There is specific legislation that if you employ 5 or more you have to have a Health and Safety Policy but guess you have one of those anyway


The thoughts on pensions are correct, does this help:



If you employ 5 or more employees you may have to make a stakeholder pension scheme available to your staff. However some employers will be exempt. To find out more about stakeholder pensions and who is affected go to:


DWP publication - Stakeholder pensions - a guide for employers. This link will take you to the DWP web site to view the guide. Alternatively you can order a copy of this guide from the from the Pensions Service on 0845 7 31 32 33

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xD:( :( :( :wacko: xD :rolleyes: :unsure: ;):ph34r:


Is all I have to say to that!




(well actually I had a lot more to say but apparently I reached my emoticons quota for this post!)

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If I am unsure on ANYTHING to do with employment I phone ACAS!


I was told many years ago on a course run by ACAS that they would far far prefer someone to ask them about employment issues and to give advice so employers do not get themselves into any disagreements with staff. I have taken them at their word, phoned them over every little querie and found they are brilliant. They have a leaflet (in understandable language) on absolutely everything, and will give fantastic telephone advice too.


The other source of advice will also be your accountant.

Your EY team should be able to give advice too.


Good luck with your expansion, it sounds good that your numbers are increasing

Gruffalo2 :o

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I think I saw in my course material (DPP) that when you have 5 or more staff risk assessments are imperative and not just good parctice ie not just the daily ones but more detailed ones eg use of cookers, heating ventilation, manual handling, storage etc

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What's a pension?!!!


This is exactly why I am still working at the grand old age of 107 - didn't make any sensible provision!!!!!


Aside from adding silly comments - can't offer any good advice - but do let us know the answer from ACAS - just in case I decide on a little 'expansion' of my own!

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Recently we made a pension available to staff - the Chair of committee is from and HR background and she sorted it. She said it was really easy, one simple phone call and got a letter to staff to say one was available should they wish to have it which we have to display. ACAS are fab so I'd give them a ring.

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I think it is also changes to the way family tax credits are paid as well, if you have over a certain amount of staff you have to pay it in their wages but under thate number you can claim small company so it will be paid direct. I think


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