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Baby Sleeping Dog Baskets


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I know it sounds odd but it is always worth looking at pet suppliers, they do wicker dog baskets with cloth cushions, often with removable washable covers and in a wide range of sizes!


dog baskets


just try google search for wicker dog baskets



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We use cosy nests in our baby unit, here is a link to the supplier we used, although expensive they are fab.

Thanks toystory - those are the ones mundia told surfer about the other night in chat! Great minds and all that.... :o



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We have cots and did think about getting the baskets as we were a new start up, however we did our research and were so pleased we went with cots as the parents much prefer them. A local nursery has them and a recurring comment we get when visitors look round is ' oooh you have real beds!' I like the idea of the baskets but when we are trying to make things as familiar for the babies as possible, in a homely environment ,then I do prefer cots as that is what they have at home.

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