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Hi everyone,


I've just found out I have my very first interview next Wednesday, for a teaching pool in my area. At first I was very excited and proud, but now the nerves are kicking in. Can anyone give me some of their top tips for a successful interview? We have been given some at uni but I'd like some more!


Thank you!!


Lisa x

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Hi Lisa,

Great news on the interview; well done xD

The first thing that springs to mind is to have an answer to the question "Why do you want to be a teacher?" It sounds such an obvious one, but many interviewees simply can't construct an answer on the spot because the subject is too huge!


Other things that may come up are:

* The balance between child-initiated and adult-directed activities

* Partnership with parents (how are YOU going to foster professional, effective relationships with your parents and carers and why do you think this is so important?)

* What are the salient points of an observation/recording/planning cycle? Why do we observe the children and what do we use the observations for?

* Make sure you're comfortable with the Every Child Matters outcomes, and the themes, principles, commitments and general welfare requirements of the EYFS

* If you're aiming for a reception position, make sure you have a sound understanding of the EYFS profile and what the data is used for at County level (ie to help close the gap between children not progressing through the EYFS and those that are)


I'm sure others will be along with some further suggestions; let us know how you get on, and the best of luck :o

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Hi, well done on getting an interview.


Whenever we interviewed newly qualified teachers we always asked "If I came into the classroom during a lesson what would I see?" - we were always impressed when candidates talked about what the children might be doing, what the role of the teacher might be, how the TA might be being used, what the classroom environment looks like (displays, table layout etc)


Good luck



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If they ask you about a good activity that you have done with children be very clear what the children learned from it and how you knew - don't just describe the activity and talk about what fun they all had!

And PLEASE don't proudly share a lesson plan that indicates the TA was scheduled for and I quote "crowd control".



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Good advice from catma. I would add to that that it is good for you to have questions for them too, about their expectations of the role, how they are working with EYFS etc.


This shows that you have reflected on the role and are keen to work within their parameters. I like anyone I interview to have questions for me too!

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