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St David,s Day


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Make daffodils with the old yellow card and orange painted egg box either stuck on a greetings card or on a lollipop stick

Or just give them a range of yellow, orange and green collage resources and let them make their own daffodil pictures... or even a fluffy duck! :o



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Being welsh I love st davids day and always celebrate it as it's very relevant to me. I make a display of photo's of me when I was little dressed in my welsh costume and children from previous years dressed up in a welsh outfit, I also put pictures of olden days people in welsh costume, welsh flag and map of the uk to see if any children know where wales is - also very interesting to discover that very few children have a concept of being english which lead to interesting discussions also can link to children's understanding of the past/history

I tell the story of Dewi Sant and the Legend of the red dragon seen in the sky by kING aRTHUR - really good if you have boys or girls that are interested in kings/battles etc.

I make welsh cakes and eat them

i have vases of daffodils and leeks on the table and watercolours or pastels and finally we say "Dydd Gwll Dewi Hapus"

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